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About the Red String Society

Chances​ are if you found the Red String Society, you've experienced the despairing pain of the death of a beloved romantic partner.

Perhaps, like us, in your desperation you searched the Internet to connect with other people, to find information and support hoping to navigate this definitely unwanted (and possibly unexpected) life event. 

And perhaps you noticed that no matter where you are in adjusting to your new life, all anyone could talk about was repartnering. Dating. Tinder. 


And that's fine, if you consider yourself single again. But what if you don't consider yourself single? What if you consider yourself married? Or engaged? Or committed? Or it's complicated, but you definitely don't feel separate from your partner, even though he or she is no longer physically by your side? Then what?


If you were of a more spiritual nature, you may have found information and sites that may have provided some hope, but it was also confusing and at times even hurtful. You may have been told that there are no marriages in the afterlife, that you were holding your partner back, or that that they were no longer interested in their life here, including their relationships. You may have been told by a medium that your partner wants you to "be happy" and "find love again," and that they are "bringing you someone new" themselves, which can be particularly devastating.


If you discuss your desire to continue your relationship with friends or family, you may be subject to constant pressure to move on. If you mention anything about signs, voices or dream visitations, people may have shut you down because they didn’t want to think or talk about such things and/or because they question your sanity.


If any or all of this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Many Red String Society members knew they would remain committed to their partner, even if it meant a lifetime of grief, even if there did not seem to be a group to which we might belong. We knew right away that our partners' deaths in no way meant our relationships with them ended.

Perhaps even before your partner passed, you believed in some form of afterlife. Maybe you were certain even then that your relationship would not end with his or her physical death. Or, perhaps you didn't even think there was an "afterlife," but still knew that death was not and could not be the end of your relationship.


No matter. Either belief (or any belief in-between) could not adequately prepare you for the agony you experienced when your partner actually did cross over. It was then that you discover for sure that keeping your precious soul mate partner active in your life is a soul-deep need.

We're definitely not going to suggest this was in any way easy. Even those of us who have regained a sense of normalcy and joy suffered immensely when our partners died -- whether or not it was "expected."

We know what it's like to think you've lost everything, to look at a version of life that feels nothing like yours and to not understand how any of us will ever get through life without them: our beloved romantic partners, our other halves, our soulmates and twin flames.

We also looked at what everyone believes are the only two choices available when faced with this situation: find a new partner, or remain "single.” Each path, we're told, will always contain a level of grief as we continue to long for our partners who have passed.

Looking at all the available evidence, we think it's clear that consciousness survives death. Information affirming this fact is available from myriad of sources. And since our partners are "here but not here," we want to talk with them, to interact with them, to share and grow our eternal love with them—and those things are their most heartfelt desires as well!

By word of mouth, our "Love After Life" Facebook Group rapidly grew from two founding members to hundreds of people from all walks of life, each wanting to continue and deepen his or her connection with a precious crossed-over romantic partner. While the Facebook group is private and only allows in members that have (1) met their romantic partner while they were living and then (2) that romantic partner died, we feel the information and methods we have accrued that have proven to be of great help should be shared with those in similar situations. Also, we feel this is an important relationship opportunity and choice that there should be greater awareness of in both the spiritual and secular communities.  So, we have created this website to serve as our public interface.

If your beloved soulmate sweetheart partner died and you're not interested in dating, singlehood, or lifelong sadness, but instead want to experience the joys of a continuing relationship with your one and only, please consider joining our group.


To learn more, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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