Afterlife Information

It is not our desire here to change your mind about what the afterlife is and is not. You are free to hold whatever beliefs you have, regardless of what they are. However, this group is based on a few general premises about the afterlife, which are supported by most credible mediums, current and throughout history, and those who regularly engage in out-of-body experiences. Generally, these premises are:

1. Everyone survives death - this is a natural transition of eternal consciousness from one frame of reference (dimension, spiritual level, realm, state of consciousness, etc.) to another, much like waking up from a very realistic dream. Many people don’t even immediately understand that they have crossed over.

2. According to widespread credible reporting, and information, most of us transition to a place much like this one, with an even greater sense of solidity and physicality, heightened senses, and youthful, strong, energetic, fully functioning physical bodies.

3. What we call “the afterlife” is really just part of our ongoing conscious experience that started before this life and will continue on, with an infinite number of kinds of worlds, dimensions and situations. This world, which we call “the physical world”, is just one of countless such universes with many ways to exist.

4. We transition to a world much like this because, generally speaking, this is what our consciousness is focused on, and it automatically selects that which is in tune with us and to be around that which have our attachments and attention to, and which fits our psyche - most notably, those we love and that which we enjoy, surrounding we are familiar with etc. Usually, unless people have very deep beliefs otherwise, we find ourselves in a beautiful world with buildings, like homes, theaters, museums, libraries, schools, etc., as well as trees, grass, mountains, oceans, wildlife, etc.


5. We can access all of this even before we die, and many people do, via astral projection (or OOBE’s), mediumship, NDEs, channeling, dream visitations, internally, and even with the help of technology like through EVP.

6. Most people report that the afterlife areas they visit have many wonderful qualities we do not generally experience here, such as being more beautiful, feeling better, being young again, not aging, being able to create things with their mind, a permeating physiological warmth and energy, telepathy, recognizing others intuitively even if they look different, being able to change our appearance and our apparent age, instantaneous travel, psychic connections, a kind of signature music that seems to emanate from the air and objects, etc.

7. It is universally reported that, when we die, there are many people there to help us make the transition and greet us, such as loved ones, spirit guides and those who work to help with whatever transition issues we may have due to a traumatic passing or serious psychological issues, which can linger in the crossing but are quickly healed.