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Afterlife Information

It is not our desire here to change your mind about what the afterlife is and is not. You are free to hold whatever beliefs you have, regardless of what they are. However, this group is based on a few general premises about the afterlife, which are supported by over a hundred years of evidential research and credible sources of information (see bottom half of page for outline of categories of afterlife research and multiple links to samples of source evidence.)

1. Everyone survives death - this is a natural transition of eternal consciousness from one frame of reference (dimension, spiritual level, realm, state of consciousness, etc.) to another, much like waking up from a very realistic dream. Many people don’t even immediately understand that they have crossed over.

2. According to widespread credible reporting, and information, most of us transition to a place much like this one, with an even greater sense of solidity and physicality, heightened senses, and youthful, strong, energetic, fully functioning physical bodies. We can eat and drink and yes, there is sex in the afterlife. If older, we generally revert to an ideal, 25-35 year-old version of our physical bodies. If younger, we appear to age more quickly in appearance there until we reach this norm.

3. What we call “the afterlife” is really just part of our ongoing conscious experience that started before this life and will continue on, with an infinite number of kinds of worlds, dimensions and situations. This world, which we call “the physical world”, is just one of countless such universes with many ways to exist.

4. We transition to a world much like this because, generally speaking, this is what our consciousness is focused on, and it automatically selects that which is in tune with us and to be around that which have our attachments and attention to, and which fits our psyche - most notably, those we love, including pets, and that which we enjoy, surroundings we are familiar with etc. Usually, unless people have very deep beliefs otherwise, we find ourselves in a beautiful world with buildings, like homes, theaters, museums, libraries, schools, etc., as well as trees, grass, mountains, oceans, wildlife, etc. 


5. We can access some or all of this even before we die, and many people do, via astral projection (or OOBE’s), mediumship, NDEs, channeling, dream visitations, and internally via various meditative or visualization techniques.

6. Most people report that the afterlife areas they visit have many wonderful qualities we do not generally experience here, such as being more beautiful, feeling better, being young again, not aging, being able to create things with their mind, a permeating physiological warmth and energy, telepathy, recognizing others intuitively even if they look different, being able to change our appearance and our apparent age, instantaneous travel, psychic connections, a kind of signature music that seems to emanate from the air and objects, etc. We gather this additional sensory information through our astral senses, which are also called "clair" senses, but are generally filtered out of our experience in this world.

7. It is universally reported that, when we die, there are many people there to help us make the transition and greet us, such as loved ones, spirit guides and those who work to help with whatever transition issues we may have due to a traumatic passing or serious psychological issues, which can linger in the crossing but are quickly healed.

A Brief Outline of Evidence For The Afterlife

Here are the general categories of evidence that supports the theory that our consciousness not only survives death, but also indicates, generally, what "the afterlife" is like. The links and quotes represent just the barest tip of the iceberg of the evidence available.

ADC (After Death Communication) in the form of signs, mental-auditory, physical auditory, semi-physical and fully physical manifestation contact, scents and touch, both waking an in dreams. Research data and website about ADCs. Website archive for ADC reports and experiences. Book that examines this evidence: Hello From Heaven.

Mediums - tested, highly-observed, credible physical (such as The Scole Experiments,) evidential, and direct-voice communication (such as through Leslie Flint,) including decades of rigorous, scientific experimentation and study by the University of Virginia Dept. of Perceptual Studies and others. Ereams is another large, authentic-medium scientific research study.

ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) using various technological means to communicate, including radio, TV, and various electronic devices, usually recorded, often under rigorous conditions, including the current successful development "soul phone" technology : "The SoulPhone™ refers to integrative technologies for communicating with postmaterial (so-called “deceased”) persons. Devices are being developed by Gary E. Schwartz PhD and his team at the University of Arizona’s Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness & Health."


Astral Projection and OOBEs (Out Of Body Experience) Countless, credible, first-person accounts of visiting the dead while fully conscious, in a "different world" that is fully physical and real. Michael Raduga developed an entirely secular training course that has a high success rate. The US government conducted experiments for years, validating APs, OOBEs and other consciousness-related phenomena. Three of the most prolific astral projectors in history, Emanuel Swedenborg, Robert Monroe, and Jurgen Ziewe, offer striking similar descriptions of the basic features of the afterlife.


NDEs (Near Death Experiences) - including cases where the brain has been drained of blood and the brainwaves are entirely flat for extended periods of time. Here is a good paper that examines the evidence and explains why scientists refuse to even consider the afterlife theory to explain the evidence, and ignore evidence that contradicts their anti-afterlife predisposition. You can read hundreds of these experiential testimonies yourself at the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, NDERF.


SDEs (Shared Death Experiences) - ranges from people being made aware by a visitation from the dying that they have passed, to multiple people in the room with the dying having the mutually verifiable experience of temporarily accompanying the dying person in their transition from this world to the next. They report seeing the same things, the same environment, the same people on the other side coming to greet the dying person. Here is an interview with the author of At Heaven’s Door, William J. Peters.


Reincarnation Research that indicates that children not only often remember past lives, but often have physical markers on their bodies from past lives. Sample of evidence.


Hypnotic Regression to life between lives.


Quantum Physics - 100 years of quantum physics research and experimentation has provided the scientific foundation for how and why our conscious experiences continue after physical death. Consciousness is fundamental and exists independently of the physical world, which includes our physical bodies; thus our consciousness is not dependent on our physical body.  See this video. There are currently at least two groups of scientists who are working on consciousness-fundamental theories of our existence in order to explain the evidence. 

Quantum Gravity Research -   

The Essentia Foundation -


In the early 1900’s there was already so much good evidence for the afterlife that, after examining it, four of the leading scientists of that time said the following:

Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) – Co-originator with Charles Darwin of the natural selection theory of evolution: " My position is that the phenomena of communicating with those who crossed over - in their entirety do not require further confirmation. They are proved quite as well as facts are proved in other sciences."

Sir William Barrett (1844-1925) – Professor of physics at the Royal College of Science in Dublin for 37 years, “I’m absolutely convinced of the fact that those who once lived on earth can and do communicate with us. It is hardly possible to convey to the inexperienced an adequate idea of the strength and cumulative force of the evidence (for the afterlife).”

Sir William Crookes (1832-1919) – A physicist and chemist, the most decorated scientist in his time. He discovered the element thallium and was a pioneer in radioactivity. " “It is quite true that a connection has been set up between this world and the next.”

Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940) – Professor of physics at University College in Liverpool, England and later principal at the University of Birmingham, Lodge achieved world fame for his pioneering work in electricity, including the radio and spark plug. " I tell you with all my strength of the conviction which I can muster that we do persist, that people still continue to take an interest in what is going on, that they know far more about things on this earth than we do, and are able from time to time to communicate with us…I do not say it is easy, but it is possible, and I have conversed with my friends just as I can converse with anyone in this audience now."

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