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Signs, Sensations and Synchronicities

One of the ways our crossed-over partners get our attention and let us know they are with us is by their use of signs, sensations and synchronicities. Such communications tend to lift us up and give us hope and reassurance that our partners are well, that live on and that they love us still.

Physical signs can include a variety of events, such as finding coins and feathers, having our lights blink on and off or receiving text messages from our crossed-over loves, and many more.

Subtle sensations may include experiencing physical touch or having thoughts or impressions pop into our heads. These thoughts might offer guidance, lighten the mood or remind us of the fun and loving times we share together.

Then, too, we might witness carefully orchestrated synchronicities: happenings that make us stop and say, “What are the odds…?”

All of these signs, sensations and synchronicities provide observable “proof” that our partners are fine, that they remain with us and that they continue to love and care for us. But as lovely as signs, sensations and synchronicities can be, some people report complications with them as well.

For example, people often complain that they just don’t get any signs, sensations or synchronicities at all. They worry that maybe they have been forgotten or that their partner doesn’t care for them anymore. But there is never cause for concern.

Often, when signs, sensations and synchronicities seem to be absent, it’s because we don’t know what to look for, or we’re searching in vein for the wrong things (e.g., feathers instead of coins, coins instead of cloud shapes, etc.). In addition, our pain and upset might be preventing us from noticing such communications altogether. Our attention to our partner’s absence as well as our own pain, doubts and fears, can make it difficult for our partners to get us to notice the signs they’ve devised for us.

Synchronicities can be especially tricky to spot and easy to dismiss. Physical signs usually accompany these highly improbable “coincidences”. For example, a song that has special meaning for you and your sweetie might begin playing just as a red cardinal shows up outside the window; a TV show featuring a story line that closely resembles your own love story is shown on your anniversary, or, your partner loves tigers and, on his sweetheart’s birthday, you receive a magazine featuring a tiger on the cover, your post office asks if you want to buy the new tiger stamps and you meet a neighborhood cat named, “Tiger.” But even when such an unlikely and astonishing series of events occurs, we tend to brush them off as “coincidence” all the time wondering if maybe, just maybe there was something more to it than that.

In addition to being blind to signs, sensations and synchronicities, we can be blindsided by them. For example, one beautiful sensation many people experience is when our partners “blend” with us. All at once, and seemingly out of nowhere, we “sense their presence” and experience “emotional contact.” We feel an unmistakable rush of pleasure as we experience the intense sensation of our love being with us more fully than ever before. But, in the space of a nanosecond, that initial pleasure can give way to agony as their very presence instantly triggers our longing for their physical selves.

If you are feeling impatient or discouraged from what you perceive as a lack of signs, and synchronicities—or if the intense sensations you have experienced cause you distress—take heart! Things take time and we are all learning. Our loved ones may be learning how to do these things for us, (and there may be other complicating issues depending on the reasons we came here for these experiences) and we are learning how to give and receive within this new relationship dynamic.

Begin by relaxing and educating yourself about what is going on. Make a decision to accept and show appreciation for any signs, sensations and synchronicities you (and others!) do receive—even if you’re not 100% sure about things. You have to be correct at least some of the time. And your appreciation will lesson your pain as it opens the door to more connection and reception.

In addition, it can be helpful to remember that any relationship is a two-way street and we can give them signs of our love as well. Our loved ones appreciate our attentive efforts as much as we appreciate theirs. So shower your love with love! Talk to your sweetheart, set out coffee for him or her, compose love poems, prepare birthday cards, craft heartfelt letters, dedicate a love shrine to your soul mate (including photos and memorabilia), cook him or her a favorite meal, etc.

As we become more comfortable with the knowledge that our partners haven’t gone anywhere, as we are assured that they are still right here with us, and are always trying to comfort us and send their love through to us, it usually becomes easier for us to start seeing the signs, hearing the thoughts, feeling their emotional and physical touch, and recognizing how many ways they are still involved in our lives. In time, a never-ending stream of signs, sensations and synchronicities will pour to us and through us.

The key here is having patience, turning the mind to acknowledging their presence, continuing to interact with them as best one can and focusing on happy, loving thoughts, images and ideas. When it occurs to you “Is this a sign, sensation or synchronicity from my partner?” – the reason that thought occurs to you in the first places is that yes, it is.

You may doubt whether things like feathers or birds or coins that you notice and wonder about are actually signs. Here’s an important thing to remember: it is important not to get bogged down in doubt and fear. Validating these things as signs and validating our partners for sending them is not entirely about whether or not they are “actually” from our partners (most likely, they are).

Just as importantly, this process is largely about conditioning or reprogramming our subconscious out of doubt and fear and into the habit of noticing signs and appreciating our partners - and finding psychological comfort in the signs. In this way we make it more likely that when when our partners can give us a major, incontrovertible sign, we have prepared our subconscious to be able to see it and accept it. You can imagine the difficult choice they have to make to give us a sign if we are going to obsess or worry about if that sign is “real” or not. Relieve them of that concern - just accept them all.

These signs and synchronicities are all around us. Our partners are with us right here and are doing things to get our attention, and often direct our attention to things around us. The more we validate and set aside fear and doubt the more our conscious mind can see, accept and process, and the easier it becomes for our partners. If we are mistaken at times about whether or not something is a sign, it’s not a big deal. Everyone makes mistakes and no form of communication is perfect. Allow yourself the comfort and relief from doubt by accepting the things that seem like signs as signs.

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