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Summary Of Important Information, Tips, and Techniques for Overcoming Grief and Developing Your Romantic Relationship 

Here are some important points for those wanting to develop a satisfying transdimensional relationship with their partners:

1. Mental Connection - Our partners in the afterlife are quite telepathic. They can read our thoughts and interact with us in many other ways in the mental space we already share with them because of our relationship with them. Visualize yourself and your partner together in a way that is easy, comforts you and makes you happy. Talk to your partner either in your head or out loud. Picture them with you as you go about your normal, daily routine. Set them out a drink when you have one. Create a narrative in your daily life, an expectation, that your partner is right there with you.


It is our experience that using this interactive mental space helps you to open up your "clair" sensory capacities and puts you and your partner in a more easily accessed interactive and communicative state. Your partner can interact with you in your mind. By deliberately exercising and becoming comfortable in this shared mental space you are helping to invite your person in and together create a more robust shared mental space within and through which your partner can more successfully interact with you. Over time, you will be able to better sense your partner, their thoughts, receive sensations from them, and open the door to much better and more satisfying interactions through the development of your clair senses.

2. Use a positive internal narrative to change your psychological story from one that "ended" in tragedy and pain, to one about a love so deep it overcomes death and brings you to an understanding of the eternal and unlimited nature of your love story. You can write your own internal narrative however you wish.

3. Don't put your happiness in the hands of others. There's lots of information about every subject that can seem confusing and contradictory; reject what you dislike, accept only that which resonates and makes you feel good.

4. With regards to communication techniques like using mediums, EVP, pendulums, meditation, etc., do the things you are enthusiastic about and enjoy; don't do the things you find frustrating or scary.

5. Remember that communication is a two-way street. Our partners are not all-knowing or all-powerful. Communicating effectively even when in the same dimension can be very hard and there can be misinterpretations. If you see something that might be a sign or synchronicity from your partner, tell them what you saw, heard or felt. Feedback is essential to good communication.

6. Don't compare your progress to others. Everyone's relationship and path forward is entirely unique. We all have already won the grand prize (we have our twin flame and our eternity together in front of us) so its not a competition and our winnings are already in the bank, so try and release worry, fear, doubt and insecurity.

7. If contact and connection seem to wane at times, this doesn't represent a problem or a setback. Don't panic. Our path forward is comprised of many things beyond our current sight and understanding and it doesn't usually happen in any linear, +5% profit per quarter way. You only have control over what you do, not how the results arrive. Our subconscious and psychology can take a while, and go through many issues, on our way forward - plus, remember our partners are also just people and have their own stuff to work through and learn to develop a good transdimensional relationship with us.




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