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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

After my wife died in April of 2017, I immediately set on a course of figuring out how to interact with her. At that point, "the afterlife" was a vague notion in my head, although I did completely believe in it, and believed I should be able to develop better contact and interaction with her. I was blessed in that Irene immediately provided me with amazing, unbelievable signs, synchronicities and sensation.

Like many people, I struggled with trying to understand our new situation, how it worked, what was going on. After four years of experience, interactions with her, discussions with her, going over evidence and information, I've come to what I think is a highly explanatory, soothing and productive view.

A bit of groundwork first. Jurgen Ziewe, a prolific out-of-body explorer of afterlife worlds, has reported that he can visit with and talk with people in the astral that are still alive here. Cyrus Kirkpatrick, author on two book on the afterlife drawing from his astral projections, has had discussions with his dead mother where she has told him that when he is focused in this "world," his astral self is in a semi-conscious or "fugue" state (I believe I'm remembering this correctly.) Also, we have consistent reports that time in the astral is not like time here.

Also, we know that in the astral, we have far greater mental clarity, capacity and connection, such as telepathy and being able to see through each other's eyes (when we allow it, of course.)

Many of us experience unbelievable signs, synchronicities and validations wrt our loved ones who have died in ways that seem logically inexplicable and physically impossible, requiring a coordination of physical events and thoughts that are utterly baffling as to how this can be done.

Many of have a variety of sensations, physical, emotional and psychological, and sudden thoughts or mental imagery, that we associate with our "departed" loved ones. I have a very simple comparative model which, IMO, is an example we all experience, not an analogy. It is what happens when we sleep and dream.

If we look at "this world" like a shared dream world, all of this makes sense.

What if, right now, we are all actually in the astral, and when our conscious awareness is focused here, we are sleeping or in a kind of fugue state in the astral? There are probably people that can manage being aware of both places at the same time, but those would be people who have better mastered that skill or ability.

This would be the scenario: I'm sitting on my couch, or lying on my bed in the astral (or walking around semi-conscious, like daydreaming), my wife is right there with me. Because of our intimate bond and her greater mental capacity, she can see and share in what I'm experiencing in the dream world (what we call this reality or physical world.) She can touch my astral body, talk to me as I am in that state, make suggestions which would affect my dream state as a kind of hypnotic suggestion.

For example, Irene might say "I'm right here with you," and in the dream world, at that moment, I see a personalized license plate that says "IMWITHU," or turn on the radio and hear the lyrics "I'll be with you forever and for always ...," This is how they can "apport" things into our physical experience, make lights flicker, put coins in our path and draw our attention to them, etc.

This doesn't have to be any more complicated than this. Sometimes we can feel their touch physically, sometimes it gets translated into a sensation of them or a tingling.

This would be how "spirit guides" work with us. Our life here seems continuous, but we could "wake" and work with our partners, loved ones or guides about how to proceed forward in this "dream world" experience before re-entering where we left off. Those astral discussions and thoughts, because of our more potent mental capabilities, can be embedded into our dream world subconscious, thoughts or events going forward, just like people who use "scripting" to affect their dreams here do, only far more potent.

Just like most dreams, while in the dream we don't have conscious memory of what transpired in the waking (astral) world.

I suggest that our idea "incarnation" does not in any way mean that while we are here we are not also there; the evidence indicates that we are always there, but while there, we are participating in this shared "dream" (or virtual) world.

IOW, this "dream" (which to a large degree is shared and coordinated between people) is actually taking place in our minds in what we call the astral while we are in a certain semi- or unconscious state there. We are actually "there" right now, our loved ones, partners and guides already with us and we already with them, in the same way when I lay down and sleep and dream neither I or they have actually "gone" anywhere.

One might worry that they are "missing out" on their ongoing astral experiences during this life, and all they will have when they die is the memory of those astral interactions with their partner. However, mountain of credible evidence indicate that our memory here represents a tiny fraction of what memory is in the astral due to our increased mental capacity and because time there is not linear. After we die we can completely experience those visits with our partners in their totality any time we want, as much as we want. We will miss nothing.

As I have personally developed and enacted this perspective, my daily life now has become overwhelmingly synchronistic with multiple, in my face communications, signs and validations from my wife. I can have conversations with her that are validated in my experience in real time. In my first astral projection with her, we were having a mental conversation here one second, and the next second I was fully, 100% in the astral with her, sitting next to her, the verbal conversation never skipping a beat. It took me a few minutes just to process what had happened. In the second visitation, I "woke up" and got out of bed in the astral when I saw her.

This simple perspective also puts to rest any fears or worries people have about reincarnation and the potential for our loved ones to "not be there because they reincarnated" when we die. Of course they're there; they are always there whether they have chosen to have another "dream life" or not.

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3 Yorum

20 Oca 2023

Thank you for sharing some of the more technical aspects of this!! I'm fascinated by the hows and whys. I've had many strange experiences that seem to defy convention. Recently, I've been communicating with the spirit or astral self of people who are still alive, and it confused me so much because it was the exact same way I communicate with those who have passed on (I'm NOT a medium, and I've hypothesized that I communicate through astral travel - thanks for explaining in a video I just watched the difference between astral travel & projection!! VERY helpful.)


sarah rose
sarah rose
14 Ağu 2021

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21 Oca 2021

I recall once having an insight along these lines, that I actually was sleeping on a couch next to my "dead" wife somewhere in the astral, dreaming this dream of physical earth reality. And one day I will "wake up" from it and turn to her and say "I just had the craziest dream, I dreamt that you were 'dead'." It's analogous somewhat to the finale of the "Newhart" show where it's revealed the entire show was actually a dream Bob Newhart had during his prior series "The Bob Newhart show.) Or as the Grateful Dead put it in "A Box of Rain": "This is just a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago." When's my alarm clock going …

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