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Healing Past Hurts: Mending Your Relationship with a Twin Flame in Spirit

For those who follow twin flame blogs and authors, it's often said that these relationships are often characterized by obstacles or even tumult. The goal is to overcome them in order to come into "union" with one another. Some of the discussed obstacles include long-distance, age gaps, addictions, or being in a relationship with someone else at a given time. It may come as no shock to many to hear that many Red String Society members characterize their relationships with their partners as twin flame relationships. Many have said their relationships were once fraught with difficulty, vacillating between a fairy tale romance and certain challenges. Many of us have discussed such relationship challenges that we faced while our twin flame was still physically living.

Do you have a relationship that was often challenging, but extremely passionate? Did you miss an opportunity to heal past hurts together before your twin flame physically died? Some have found themselves in this very situation and have found that they have been able to heal together, with their twin flame, after their passing.

I came into this group feeling like I didn't exactly fit. I felt as though everyone around me had experienced magical, idyllic love, and while my partner and I DID have that beautiful and idealistic love at times, we also struggled due to their personal traumas. I finally exposed myself as someone who "didn't fit in" with everyone else, but who still received a lot of communication from their partner after their passing. As a result of opening up, I came to find out that many people had relationships that weren't perfect. Imagine that! I became close friends with another member in particular because I deeply connected with her story. When my partner passed I thought we'd never be able to x, y, or z, but what happened instead is that we had a chance to fix our relationship in ways that were extremely difficult when he was in the throws of his struggles here. One thing I've learned through my own mediumship as well as talking to other mediums, is that we gain a sort of bird's eye view perspective when we're out of the body and we can see what led to our past actions as well as how they impacted those we love. Whatever your struggles and whatever hardships you and your partner faced in this lifetime, you can definitely overcome them together. Nothing is impossible. I receive strong communication from my partner every single day, starting the day he passed from this world. I encourage you to tell your own partner, when it's quiet and you're alone, that your heart is open to receive whatever it is they want to communicate to you and that you're ready for the next chapter of your relationship. Please don't give up on love, no matter what criticisms other people or your own inner doubt heave at you and your relationship. As cliche as it may sound, love has the power to overcome any hardship.

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