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Something I wish I knew When Irene Died

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Here's something I wish I had heard someone say, or had read, after my wife died in 2017:

"I've been in your shoes. When my twin-flame soul mate died, I was crushed. I wanted to die. I couldn't sleep because of the constant panic attacks. I was in a state of complete despair. I couldn't function the pain was so overwhelming.

"Today, and I know this sound crazy and unbelievable, we have an even better relationship than before. Our love for each other has grown stronger and deeper in ways we couldn't even imagine before. I'm so happy I'm practically giddy most of the time. We can be together any time we want, including making love. We do all sorts of things together. We talk all the time we want. We're very excited about our future together. Every time I think it can't get any better, it keeps getting even better."

I didn't even know it was a possibility when my wife died. I had no way to even consider that it could be like this.

So, I'm saying this for others here. This has been my actual experience and I'm telling you this to let you know that this, at least, is possible, regardless of what anyone else says. I have met others who share this experience, who feel that the death and grief experience has led them to an amazing new understanding of life, the afterlife, enduring love and the continuation of our relationships beyond death.

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2 comentários

15 de abr. de 2021

Spot on. Thank you for sharing your experience. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm excited to explore this aspect of life with Tim. It brings me much joy knowing we can continue our enduring love and fun. ✨


13 de jun. de 2020

Thank you so much William. That is my goal. It's hard to believe it could ever be better than it was, but I believe you and am working on it. Thanks for all of your wise words.

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