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The Unbelievable Peacock Sign

One Friday afternoon in June we (fellow occasional blogger here, Mary Beth, and I) hosted an "impromptu" Zoom meeting. It was the first time in over a year that we hosted a group Zoom meeting together. Another regular member of our Love After Life FB group, whom I will call "Jane," who has become a good friend of ours, was in attendance.

"Jane" often gets signs from my wife, Irene. We talked about some of those in the meeting, as well as astral projection experiences she has had of various partners here during her visits with her partner in the astral. One of Jane's recurring major signs from her partner, including those he sends through other members of the group, is peacocks.

I live in a tiny rural town (2000 people) in the middle of Texas about halfway between Dallas and Austin.

The next morning (Saturday morning) my daughter, who is a local home healthcare worker, was on her way to a local elderly client's home here in town. She knew nothing whatsoever about what peacocks meant to "Jane."

On her way to work, which was a route she had not taken before, she couldn't believe what she saw: a group (or "muster," as they are called) of 8-10 live, real peacocks, walking around like they belonged here! One of them was entirely white; the rest were in the usual peacock color ranges of blues and greenish tones.

She walked into the client's home when she got there and said, "You'll never believe what I just saw!" and glanced over at the TV the client was watching. On the screen was a group of peacocks. It was just some kind of documentary about wildlife, it had nothing to do with the peacocks she had just seen in town. When she told the client about the peacocks in town, she didn't believe it.

A little while later when they were outside, a car pulled up and the people asked them: "I know this sounds crazy, but have you guys seen any peacocks around here?" It turns out that they had moved into town and they owned some peacocks that had gotten out.

I recognized this as a sign for "Jane" and told my daughter about it, and she said that I needed to tell her about the sign. I made a post about it in our FB group. She responded a few minutes later.

“Jane’s” comment: (edited to maintain her anonymity and that of others in the group, and used with her permission here.)

"If you think that is mind-blowing, let me fill you in on the rest of the story.

"I had expressed to [my partner] I wanted to touch base with Mary Beth before I [left the country to visit my family in Europe,] but I didn't want to bother her since I knew she was moving and I was pretty busy getting ready for my trip. So when I got the news about the zoom meeting I had a feeling something was up.

"At the Friday meeting Mary Beth brought up the "commitment issue" and it occurred to me that I haven't asked [my partner] for validation on the subject. So Friday night in bed I said to him, "You know my heart so you have proof that I'm all in, even if my pesky brain still suffers from occasional "doubt" syndrome. What about you? Are you all in?" So I told him I wanted a sign that he was indeed, all in.

"Specifically, I told him I wanted a peacock, but not just some petty little sign, like someone saying the word peacock or a picture of a peacock, and such. I made it clear I wanted a "big' sign, something substantial and blatant, like a bunch of peacocks, and preferably live. I even reminded him of several suitable examples, like the time he had seven live peacocks almost run into the road when I was driving. Or another time when he sent 5 live peacocks and I teased him because the last time he had given me seven. And, sure enough, just a little bit down the road, there came another two of them. I also said it would be a nice touch if he could send both blue and white peacocks. He does that sometimes when he validates something he knows is really important to me. You can watch the movie Basil and you'll know what I mean.

"Shortly before I saw this post, I had a concern about the trip and I asked [my partner] to give me a sign everything would be ok.

"So I get to the waiting area in the airport and I'm sipping my coffee and checking my messages and I read the post. To say I was dumbfounded is an understatement. Frankly I can't make up my mind how I felt exactly, I had such an avalanche of emotions surging through me. Awe, wonder, disbelief. I felt such an unbelievable feeling of being loved and cared for. Mostly, I'm just so grateful to all of our partners for helping [my partner] give his ever demanding wifey a resounding YES he's indeed ALL IN."

End of “Jane’s” comment.

My daughter told me that the day before all this happened, she was feeling sad that after I die, she would no longer have a connection to this kind of thing, these amazing synchronicities that have become a constant part of our lives. Because she was incorporated into it, she felt overjoyed and relieved because, to her, it was a sign that she was not only connected, but a part of it, and that she had nothing to worry about.

Think about the amazing chain of events that had to occur for all this to happen at the same time, in perfect order, at just the right times. What are the odds that anyone moves to this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere with peacocks that my daughter sees the morning after the first group meeting that "Jane" and I are in together in in over a year, talking about theses signs, peacocks, and how our partners send signs through other members as evidence they are working together and know each other on the other side?

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